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Corporate’s Culture Shock Shakes Up The Glitch Game [Local Spotlight]

Are you ready for a high-voltage dose of Culture Shock? Well here it is. Seattle’s own Corporate has just released a tremendous 4-track EP, Culture shock on Adapted Records, raising the bar for everything we’ve ever known of glitch, neurohop, and other mind-blowing eclectic bass genres. If you are a fan of Aus, Opiuo and Fractal, then Corporate will undoubtedly be your new favorite.

The first track, Sabotage, showcases Corporate’s unique talent of smashing bass lines, wire-thin cuts and sword-like slashes, creating so many different layers into his production. It feels as if so much is coming at you, from so many directions, but tied together so intricately as if it left a narrow and winding path for us to travel right through, unscathed and adrenaline-buzzed. The title track, Culture Shock, blends in traditional eastern melodies with modern glitch and futuristic effects. There’s even a remix by Colorado producer Evoke, who’s changing the glitch game in his own way. To put it simply, Culture Shock is a wild ride. Don’t miss out on this Northwest producer’s latest release, and expect Corporate to shake up the stagnant EDM sound again very soon.

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“I’m working on throwing some curve balls at a few sub-genres,” says Corporate. Looks like he struck EDM out in it’s own ballpark.

You can catch Corporate live at FilthFest 4.0 next week in Bellingham, WA!

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