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The Comprehensive Guide To Why Dance Music Needs Harm Reduction

Consider this a glossary of terms you need to know to be a knowledgeable, safe, and successful raver.

PMMA (Para-methoxy-N-methylamphetamine): This is a drug that is most often used as a substitute for MDMA or Molly. The effects of which are similar to Molly, but have one dangerous aspect to them and can be attributed to most Hypothermia deaths while on this drug. Basically this drug turns off your thermostat in your body. You cook from the inside out.

Bath Salts (typically methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), methylone or mephedrone): The problem with Bath Salts is that the combination of these chemicals vary wildly. Since there is no regulation to this drug & the components can be mixed anyway the drug manufacturer (cook) feels like doing. Having an inaccurately mixed batch can lead you to eating someones face off literally. It can also cause death in the typical fashion that PMMA does.

4MTA (4-Methylthioamphetamine): 4MTA is an SSRA (Strong Serotonin Releaser Agent) which does provide the effects of euphoria. However, Just like PMMA, it will cause hypothermia and organ failure. Once more this is also MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) which is very unsafe to mix with SSRAs.

These are just a few examples of what is used to adulterate Molly and Ecstasy to turn an easy/cheap profit for salacious drug dealers. There are so many more that you can educate your self about with the links below.

Now share this with your friends so they can educate themselves as well. Honestly there is nothing sexier than a well educated raver 😉

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Phillip was raised on so many different genres of music, it has given him a unique perspective into the ever evolving music scene. Trance music began defining his life at the young age of 14, but thoroughly enjoys any type of music equally. He sees the music as an escape from the daily doldrums of life and says music can change a persons life in an instant pulling from his own experiences. His only goal in life is to share wonderful music with people and take electronic music to a higher plain with more accountability and creating a safer environment for his friends.

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