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Cole Plante Joins Rock Legend in ‘Here We Go Now’

cole plante - here we go now - perry farrell - release - dubstep

Here We Go Now. That seems to be Cole Plante‘s life mantra. 17 year-old Cole Plante has seen more success in his 3 years of DJing than most will in their entire careers, and each step forward is leaps above the last. This past year he’s collaborated on a huge hit track with Myon & Shane 54, and was also asked to perform as the youngest artist ever to play Lollapalooza Festival. On top of that, the founding creator behind the festival, Perry Farrell, just so happens to be the star lead from legendary rock group Jane’s Addiction.

Cole Plante - Lollapalooza - festival - here we go now

Cole Plante was the youngest DJ to ever play Lollapalooza.

Think that’s enough to make your career? Think again.. Now, both Cole Plante and Perry Farrell have joined forces to create on of the biggest releases we’ve seen this year.. and it’s gaining momentum with every play. Here We Go Now is an eclectic range of electronic styles compiled into one, condensed track. You’ll hear electro house, a dubstep break, and tons of energy. And let’s not forget Perry’s powerful vocals to add an extra rock-style smash to the track.

Cole Plante dropped the pre-released track during his New Years Eve gig at OMFG! NYE in San Diego, and let’s just say it had a raging response.. It’s insane to think about a teenager on the fast-track to DJ/Producer stardom. So, to help us catch a glimpse of what this 17 year-old’s journey has been like, Cole also uploads videos on his VEVO webseries Unfiltered. In this series, Cole takes you behind the scenes and into his crazy, ever-changing life and everything that comes with it. Watch episode 6 of Unfiltered below to learn a bit about Cole as he prepares for Lollapalooza last August – And drops Here We Go Now for the very first time.

We can’t wait to watch this kid progress with each new opportunity that awaits him – until then, listen out – and for goodness sake support the hell out of him.

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You can purchase Here We Go Now on Beatport by clicking here.

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