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Clubs in This German Town No Longer Have a Closing Time

There are moments when it seems that America is behind the times, this may be one of those. Leipzig, a town in Germany, voted in favor of eliminating closing times for clubs. The vote was 47 out of 52, in favor of eliminating it.

Before this decision, clubs had to close between 5am and 6am for cleaning, but this was rarely enforced. Now with a vote to get rid of closing time, it will be at the discretion of the club owners for when they close.

The town seems to be in favor of the decision as well. A gathering of around 700 people took place outside city hall to celebrate the decision. Franziskus Thiem told Resident Advisor, “It’s a great and assuring sign from city officials that they appreciate the impact of club culture and club spaces in Leipzig and their influence on creating and nurturing a thriving and creative local community.”

We think that the best part is that a town is wanting creativity, music and a club space. Some places are not as fortunate, but there are always people pushing the boundaries. California Senator Scott Wiener fought for changing the closing time from 2am to 4am in his home state, but it was denied. Meanwhile in Seattle, despite talk of a similar change for awhile now, there’s been little movement on that front.

Maybe as more cities change their time, other cities will come around too. What do you think about Leipzig’s decision?