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Club 28 Wins Guinness Record for Smallest Mobile Nightclub – It’s Tiny

The Guinness World Record for smallest mobile nightclub has been broken by Gerard Jenkins-Omar and Stephen Robson from Rotherham, England. The club is called Club 28, and is 6’7″ high, 3′ wide and 5′ deep. Yes you read that right. They beat out previous record holder, Rumours, that was 6’8″ in. high, 3′ wide and 5’10” deep.

Club 28 has a sound system, a microphone, lighting, door staff, and a dance floor. It holds up to 6 people, plus a DJ! Jenkins-Omar got the idea when he worked at Spooned, a music event. He was in charge of making the after party.

“Rather than do something over-the-top, I thought I would do something small and intimate, I checked to see if there was a record for the world’s smallest club and there was – so the challenge was set. I set about speaking to the Guinness Book of Records to verify the attempt and then built it and attempted the record successfully.”

Jenkins-Omar and Robson opened their doors to the general public to receive the award. They charged 50 Pence, which translates to .61 cents. They were both excited to bring something positive to their hometown.

“The town has suffered from a lot of negativity in recent years so we are actively looking at ways to improve the ‘good feeling’ in the area and improve arts and culture whilst engaging local people.”

If you happen to be going to a festival in the UK, make sure to look for Club 28. They plan to take it to festivals around the UK.

We would pay to dance with our 5 closest friends in a World Record club, would you?