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Clean and green raving: Strategies for change

How can we reduce our environmental impact as ravers? Mixmag’s Chandler Shortlidge poses this question in a recent article, contemplating the state of environmental harm reduction and what the scene is doing to implement such a culture.

Let’s consider what is already in place. Burning Man (and like-spirited events) have a particular focus on packing out what one packs in, and a sustainable and leave-no-trace approach to partying. Several festivals and entire companies have banned the use of single-use plastics. Live Nation made a vow to eliminate all single-use plastics at their events by 2021.

Courtesy of Kiah Beehler

Another factor to consider is the use of fossil fuels to get to faraway festivals. Attending more local events and only a few out-of-town events can help reduce one’s carbon footprint via public transport or one’s own bike, feet or skateboard to the show. That really serves as a double whammy because supporting your local scene and being a bit more environmentally friendly!

Closer to home, we are already seeing the impact of decades of environmental abuse as a whole. There is a direct correlation between climate change and the recent extremely severe wildfires in BC, Oregon and Washington state alike. Remember Shambhala Music Festival’s 2017 nearby-wildfire debacle? Yes, I was one of the ones who panicked and left early. Yes, before the rain. Groan! Luckily 2019 has seen relatively few smoky skies, but we cannot deny that this is a problem and one we will have to keep dealing with. Let’s do our best as a community to reduce our impact,

What are some strategies and ideas you have to take a greener path at festivals? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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