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New Sounds From The King of Dirtybird: The Rain Break EP [Review]

Barclay Crenshaw, more popularly known as Claude VonStroke, is one busy dude. Whether he is DJ’ing, BBQ’ing, festival planning, producing, or working at Dirtybird’s LA Headquarters, it’s hard to deny that this man has got his hands full. If touring around the world right now wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he also just released his newest 2-track EP, The Rain Break, and it’s exactly what we need as these clouds begin to dissipate in the PNW.

The first of two tracks, Here Comes The B, is a delightfully strange affair that melds together a haunted beat with a futuristic flare. Definitely a bit sidetracked from his typically deep dirty bass lines we’ve become accustomed to, but fun to hear a different darker side of him. The second track, The Rain Break, shares those mega drops and throbbing wiggles that make our hearts and dance floors melt.

Not to be overlooked is the vocals in The Rain Break track. All vocals are recorded by the Dirtybird boss himself using a vocoder. He explains, “I kept singing the “Break For Love” bassline over and over again in my head but the vocal that always popped in over the top was from Oran “Juice” Jones,” VonStroke said in a press release. “I can’t explain why that happened but I just thought they went together so well that I ran with it.” Not only is he a major EDM producer and DJ, apparently he also sings! Cool!

The two tracks are enough to keep us happy until we (hopefully) see him on a festival line-up near us! For now be sure to check into The Birdhouse where VonStroke collaborates weekly with other artists to share the forefront of what’s new and exciting in the world of EDM.

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