Hot New Track: Tension, by the Pacific Northwest’s Chenbear and Doozy

What makes a hot new track even better? If it is from the beautiful PNW. Up and coming DJs Doozy (Ryan Meeker) and Chenbear (Alex Chen) just released their first original collaboration, Tension, though Hybrid Trap.

When it comes to great music by local artists, count us in. We decided to give Tension a listen. The flow and mixture of trap and bass intermix smoothly together. You can hear the influences by artists such as Boombox Cartel, Nghtmre and Slander on the track. Skip to 2:08 if have little time, but are in need of a jaw-dropper (thank us later).

Hard work pays off. These two PNW DJs without a doubt proved that statement to be true. It’s always inspiring to see local artists’ work being appreciated and spotlighted. We are excited to see these two artists end up in the future. Check out Doozy and Chenbear on Soundcloud if you haven’t already.

Tell us what you think about Tension in the comments below, and let us know who else from the PNW is bringing us creative new tracks!