Shambhala Music Festival

Check Out The Grove in Episode 4 of Planet Shambhala!

This year Shambhala Music Festival has opened their gates early (by video), and allowed us to learn more about what makes up Shambhala Music Festival. Shambhala is many’s festival of choice, and now festival goers, and people just interested, can get a taste of what Shambhala is. They created a documentary series, aptly titled Planet Shambhala, and released the fourth episode just this last week. The latest focuses on The Grove.

The Grove is meant for experimentation, forward-thinking, and learning, all through art and passion. With a number of areas, both large and intimate, people can choose their environment.  It is a safe place to express yourself, inspire, and be inspired.

Jim Vanderhorst again shows what great work is, while Ian Chatwin does an amazing job narrating. The minds behind this series show what great things can come out of Shambhala. Check out Episode 4 here and the rest of the series to ease you into festival season, and tie us over until Shambhala kicks off August 10-13.