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Hervé, Fake Blood, and 10 Years of London’s ‘Cheap Thrills’

One of bass music’s most prolific producers, Hervé runs a record label called Cheap Thrills, releasing music from the likes of Taiki & Nulight, KC Lights, Bruva, Closer, Seasfire, Detboi, Machines Don’t Care, Fake Blood, Jack Beats, and countless other this summer. Celebrating the label’s 10th birthday, they’ll be releasing a compilation featuring 10 classic tracks from the label’s back catalogue Jack Beats, Fake Blood, and more, and 10 brand-new exclusive tracks which nobody has ever heard before, including new music from Fake Blood, Hervé, Audio Bullys, The Count & Sinden, and Speakerjunk.

We are seriously looking forward to the release of all of these tracks, and we were fortunate to get a prerelease of all of 20 tracks. It’s safe to say that they will hold a special place in every DJ’s Rekordbox library . Stay ready for the Boo Shaka and Hervé x Marc Spence exclusives, as these were our personal favorites!

The Cheap Thrills crew have had a huge impact on dance music internationally over the last ten years, from humble UK beginnings in 2008, when the whole ‘fidget’ scene in the UK was huge. Cheap Thrills was a big player in the history of dance music – Fake Blood and Jack Beats are iconic names now, and the label has helped kickstart several careers along the way.
10 Years of Cheap Thrills and the 10 exclusives will be out on Beatport September 28th, and on iTunes on October 12th. Stay tuned for more announcements about the release coming soon, and follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud to stay up to date on their latest and greatest.
What’s your favorite track from the Cheap Thrills catalogue? Let us know in the comments below.