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Trying to Get Your Music Noticed? Swing by the #CHBP2016 Panel Series!

Brought to you by Capitol Hill Block Party, Porter Novelli, and the Seattle Office of Film + Music + Special Events, swing by the #CHBP2016 Panel Series to chat with other artists and hear from those who know how to get noticed. You’ll also hear from other artists about ways to make a living in the music industry, because yes, it’s possible! Here’s how the day will play out:

Friday July 22 from 12-3 pm at Grim’s, take advantage of a networking brunch, and two panels that can help you plot your musical takeover. The best part is that it’s free if you RSVP here!

12 pm – Networking Brunch

1 pm – Panel 1: “Pay Attention to My Band!… Please?”

Moderator: Matt Ashworth, Porter Novelli, CHBP, Nada Mucho – Twitter
Donovan Farley, Paste Magazine
Kelly Fleek, Lo Flux Media
Melissa ‘Meli’ Darby, Reign City Presents
Sharlese Metcalf, KEXP
Sean Nelson, The Stranger

2 pm – Panel #2: “How to Make a Living as a Musician in Seattle”

Moderator: Kate Becker, Seattle Office of Film + Music + Special Events
Dumi Maraire, Draze
Sol Moravia-Rosenberg, Sol
Kris Orlowski
Adra Boo, Fly Moon Royalty

So what do you say? Free event with other people in the industry, and plenty of time to network over brunch. Hear from those with experience on how to get noticed and rise to the top of the Seattle scene. And for those looking to quit their day job, maybe you can! But you’ll have to stick around for that second panel.

What better way to kick off Block Party than to get one step closer to playing it? That’s the dream, anyway.

We love our local artists! That’s why we have a DJ Database that we invite all local DJs & Producers to join and get their name out there. We also flaunt our locals whenever we can on our Soundcloud via #ElevationPlaylist.