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The Cellphone Of The Future: Charges By Sound Waves

Cellphones have come a long way in their short life. From radioactive brick telephones to palm-sized, intelligent, GPS-equipped, all-in-one computers. Today we are overjoyed to relay Science Alert’s breaking news in cellular technology: self-charging phones. Cellphones that are so smart, they can be charged simply by ambient sounds like traffic, speech, and music! But how you ask? UK researchers have been working tirelessly with research founded by Korean scientists four years ago. The concept is based off of the “Piezoelectric Effect“. The Piezoelectric Effect describes the phenomena of Zinc Oxide nanowires encountering mechanical stress, thus generating an electrical current. Head spinning yet?



The concept, research, and prototype are among us. It’s real folks. We can only hope scientists and cellphone manufacturers work together to expedite the public availability of this incredible new battery feature. Pretty soon, concert/ festival goers (and everyone else who doesn’t dwell in a hyperbolic chamber), will have nearly unlimited battery life, and the freedom to shoot photo and video until their memory card is full. Imagine FreakNight 2014 with a battery powered by the music. What will come next?