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Celebrating 10 Years of Marble Productions’ Bubble Bobble (Event Review)

A few weeks ago, Marble Productions invited us out to Studio Seven to celebrate the decade anniversary of Bubble Bobble, one of the longest-running rave event series in the Northwest. Double-headlined by bass heavyweights Helicopter Showdown and Dodge & Fuski, Marble Productions pulled off a top-notch night.

Packed to the brim with ravers and foam, Bubble Bobble opened with support from local favorites like Hyperfunk and Powermitten. As expected, Bay Area’s Helicopter Showdown destroyed the stage, despite missing two other members of the group. One of the highlights of the evening was the drop of Flat, a yet-to-be released track that we suspect will be massive. Having played at last year’s Bubble Bobble-9, Dodge & Fuski are no strangers to the Seattle scene. While Fuski was unable to make the show, Dodge threw down an ear-shatteringly heavy set and it was glorious.


Despite being a foam party, it was entirely possible to leave scot-free depending where you stood. But boy, was it hot. The devil himself would’ve been toasty inside Bubble Bobble that night. Studio Seven’s beloved smoking section proved to be a godsend, offering attendees the space to mingle and relief from the heat. Have we mentioned before how much we miss smoking sections?

If you have yet to attend a Marble Productions event or if it’s been a while since your last rodeo, we highly recommend you make it a point to do so this summer. While the days of underground promoters and shows have long passed, Marble Productions remains as one of last known survivors here in the region. If Bubble Bobble proved anything, it was that the rave scene can thrive despite the omnipresence of major event companies and their partners. Long live Marble Productions!

Make sure to follow Marble Production for the latest news on upcoming shows. Shoot us a comment down below, on Facebook, or Tweet us if you want us to cover your next event!

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