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CBS Is Protecting You From An EDM Overdose…

Are you kidding? We are at a place where we don’t know whether to laugh or shake our heads in disappointment.

CBS Boston has taken the opportunity to expose their obvious in-depth knowledge (LOL) of electronic music, drugs, and festivals.  Christina Hager’s recent report on the increased police surveillance of clubs following the fatalities at an Avicii show blaming “bad drugs.” The video was just uploaded to YouTube, so the whole world can now see her very acute and accurate (more LOL)  knowledge of the situation and the effect of “EDM.”  Our favorite line comes at the 52 second mark, when Christina refers to “EDM” as a street name for Molly. CBS Boston removed the video from Youtube, but we found another copy for your viewing pleasure.

Please, please, please get your facts right before spreading your “infinite” knowledge around. The world and culture of electronic dance music already gets enough criticism as it is – false facts are adding to the problem. Remember everyone, be sure to not to overdose on “EDM” this weekend.