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Calvin Harris Helps Gets Rid of Plastic Straws

It is no secret plastic is harmful to the environment. According to the Smithsonian: “A 2015 study found that roughly eight million tons of plastics make it into the ocean each year…Many seabirds and other marine animals chow down on the colorful bits, mistaking the
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Dash Berlin Blocked From Performing Under His Own Moniker

Speculations have been flying since Dash Berlin recently cancelled a slew of performances worldwide, including A State of Trance and Spring Awakening. A recent statement from frontman Jeffrey Sutorius confirms that health concerns did play a factor in the cancellations, but further details complicate the
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Motion Notion is Changing Venues After 19 Years in Golden, BC

A festival named for it’s connection to movement and flux is living up to it’s name this summer. Motion Notion recently announced they’ll be moving their annual festival from Golden’s Beaverfoot Lodge to a new location this August. The long-running electronic festival that called Golden, B.C.
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