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Cashmere Cat Releases Long Anticipated Edit of “Be My Baby” with Ariana Grande

Neumos brought the genre-bending magic of Cashmere Cat to Seattle this past June. The Norwegian DJ and producer exceeded any expectations that could have been set for the show and did it as if it were effortless. With a seemingly unenthused attitude, Cashmere Cat quickly got the crowd going with no sign of being phased, aside from his small smirk here and there when the crowd grew louder. In late July, Cashmere Cat shared a preview of Be My Baby to a sold out crowd at MoMa PS1 in Queens for the venue’s summer Warm Up series. The short clip of Be My Baby seems to have been recorded with a cellphone camera. Fortunately, the audio was all that was needed. Although the preview was not excellent quality, it was still apparent to Cashmere Cat fans that Be My Baby was going to be an anticipated track.

Cashmere Cat may not be as well known as The Chainsmokers yet, but it is a name you will want to remember . Working with pop artists like Ariana Grande, Cashmere cat is sure to inch closer and closer to a household name. Take a listen to Cashmere Cat’s edit of Ariana Grande’s Be My Baby and let us know what you think of the pop-EDM cross over.