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Carpool Karaoke Dedicates Episode to Late Chester Bennington

After someone passes, it’s only natural that friends and loved ones will want to celebrate how their life has been forever changed by that person. And there’s no doubt that Chester Bennington changed many lives around the world.

The episode was filmed six days before the singer tragically took his own life. Approximately two weeks later host James Corden announced that they wouldn’t release the episode without approval from his family. With their blessing, the video has now become available to watch for free on Linkin Park’s Facebook page.

For fans that haven’t seen the episode yet, it is certainly bittersweet.

The episode starts out with Ken Jeong, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, and Joe Hahn sitting in the car. Jeong is trying to convince them that he should join the band and that he wants to change the name to ‘Linken Park’. Bennington remarked, “Nice, so you just come in and you take over the band? I love it!”

Throughout the episode, Jeong and Shinoda mischievously ‘feud’ between bouts of singing and Jeong jokingly tries to eject Shinoda from his position of the leader of the band. The video itself runs just under 24 minutes, but we don’t want to spoil the entire episode. 

But trust us, you’ll have “Hot Dogs and Ketchup” stuck in your head for days.

At the end of the video, Carpool Karaoke left a message stating “Linkin Park established the One More Light Fund in honor of Chester. If you would like to make a gift in his memory please visit www.MusicforRelief.org”

The One More Light Fund is another amazing reminder of how people can come together after a tragedy. The amount of support Chester Bennington’s friends and family received from fans all over the globe was astronomical. In response to this, Linkin Park is holding a concert at The Hollywood Bowl on October 27. If you were one of the many people that weren’t able to get a ticket to the sold out event, you’re still in luck! Linkin Park has announced that they will be live streaming the Celebrate Life event on YouTube at 7:45 pm PST. Follow this link to tune into the live stream.