Could 2019 Be Capitol Hill Block Party’s Final Year In Neighborhood?

Since 1997, the Capitol Hill Block Party has been a highlight of Seattle summers, taking place in the heart of Capitol Hill. However, after the 2019 event, the location and/or logistics of the event are being revisited.

The party is rapidly outgrowing its grounds, and neighbors are becoming more unwelcoming of the expanding crowds of over 20,000 people. Showcasing well-known artists from all around the world, it’s becoming clear that its popularity might require a more adequate venue than our charming Pike and Pine Street intersection.

The city has stated that they are ready to “assess the viability” of the festival in 2020. For the 2019 edition, there are “several physical immediate improvements” that need to be made regarding the perimeter and the porta potty placement in order to reduce negative impact on local businesses.

Block Party does benefit some Capitol Hill businesses, while it hurts others. Although it has become a part of Seattle culture, it clearly disrupts the normal flow of operations in the neighborhood.

Don’t miss the possibly last chance to experience Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party this summer. For more info about the 2019 event, visit their website.