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CHBP 2016 – Cheat Sheet, Pro-Tips, and Last Minute Info

    It’s that time of year again; Capitol Hill Block Party. Tonight, as we lay down after a hard day’s work and close our eyes, we will dream in parallel of many things. What the stages look like, what friends we’ll see there, and a “he’s pointing at me” acknowledgement moment from our favorite artists. As we snooze away the CHBP fairies emerge and begin their work by vigorously roping off a six block section of our beloved Capitol Hill.

    With around 100 local and national artists, two outdoor stages, 3 indoor stages, dozens of bars and restaurants, there will be no shortage of places to be this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With just a few days left, we’re sure you’re already prepared, but humor us with one last lap around the basics. Let’s take a look at the weather, what to bring, what not to bring, schedule, and anything else you may have overlooked.

    Weather Forecast

    *Pro-Tip: Make sure to bring a sweatshirt for after sunset!

    What To Bring/ What Not To Bring


    No Outside Beverages Unless Sealed
    No Unauthorized Vending
    No Weapons
    No Illegal Drugs or Outside Alcohol
    No Animals
    No Chains
    No Skateboards
    No Bikes
    No Tents
    No Coolers
    No Laser Pointers
    No Professional Cameras
    No Detachable Lenses, Tripods, Zoom Lenses, etc
    No Fireworks
    No Audio Recording Devices
    No Sharpies/Markets
    No Large Backpacks
    No Instruments
    No Flags
    No Refunds or Exchanges
    No Chairs
    No Video Cameras
    No Umbrellas
    No Glass Bottles
    No Wagons or Carts
    No Airhornes or other Noisemakers
    No Minors in Neumos, Barboza, Cha Cha, or Havana Stages
    No Unpermited vending unless you are an official sponsor of the festival


    OK Small Backpacks
    OK All Ages
    OK Empty or sealed water bottles
    OK Chapstick
    OK Hats
    OK Sunblock
    OK Lighters
    OK Cellphones
    OK Sunglasses
    OK Empty Camelbacks
    OK Fanny packs
    OK Digital Cameras – Non Professional
    OK Film Cameras – Non Professional
    OK Walkie Talkies

    *For an FAQ, directions, and complete list of vendors & restaurants, Click Here



    CHBP Friday


    CHBP Saturday


    CHBP Sunday

    For more visit CapitolHillBlockParty.com

    Food & Drink Suggestions

    That’s all fine and dandy, but what about food and drink you may ask? Here a breakdown of our favorite spots, and what we go there for!

    • Big Marios – NY style pizza
    • Bimbos Cantina – Nachos
    • Caffe Vita – Caffeine
    • Cha Cha’s – Cheep beer/ cigarette machines/ smoking area
    • Lost Lake – Late night diner cuisine
    • Grim’s – Brunch, mimosas, breakfast food
    • Quinn’s – Sit down/ wine&dine
    • Sam’s Tavern – Bomb burger specials
    • Cupcake Royal – Treats for your sweet tooth

    *Pro-Tip: Keep an eye out for the best “Street Meat” (Seattle Hotdog) usually located in front of Neumos.
    **Suggestion: Don’t navigate on our word alone! Explore other bars, restaurants, and try new things!

    ***Don’t forget your I.D., the beer gardens will be checking upon entry.

    Capitol Hill Block Party has been working hard to make this a great experience, so help preserve that experience for returning patrons, new-comers, yourself, and businesses by respecting others’ space and belongings. Make sure to throw trash and recycling away in proper receptacles. It can get very crowded and hot throughout the weekend so keep an eye out for one-another and make this a safe event for all. Oh, and have a blast!