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Burning Man DJ, Crazy Daylight, Puts On A Performance To Remember In Olympia

It’s not very often big names in dance music make it to Olympia, let alone a DJ that played at Burning Man. Fortunately for Washington state’s capital 2CBEATZ brought dance music to The Olympia Ballroom and had an exceptional turnout. With initial concern for how well Crazy Daylight would be received in Olympia, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Olympia Ballroom comfortably full with a conservative head count of roughly 200. The crowd was from various locations, Seattle and Canada included, which was also a surprise, due to all of the dance music shows Seattle is spoiled with on a consistent basis. A regular attendee of Foundation Nightclub, the best Seattle spot for regular dance music DJs, had nothing but positive words about Crazy Daylight’s Olympia performance.

There’s nothing better than walking into an unfamiliar venue like The Olympia Ballroom and instantly falling in love. The music draws you in but the atmosphere makes you stay. Between the lighting system, UV body painting and of course Crazy Daylight’s glitch infused sound, I was thankful that I made the hour trek down to Olympia this past Saturday. Crazy Daylight’s mix of genre-defying music gave myself an insatiable drive to dance that could only be quenched with his funky wobbles, catchy bass lines and remixes of some favorites old and new. If you haven’t heard Crazy Daylight’s music I would make sure you take a listen. You won’t be disappointed. -Katja Janelle

Crazy Daylight, who is “well-known for energetic live performances, retro synth chords and vocoder vocals”, honored this reputation Saturday while showcasing his production skills along with DJing. A Crazy Daylight refunk of Walk The Dinosaur was a track in particular that stood out during his set. Take a listen and let us know what you think of Crazy Daylight’s funky/glitch-hop vibe.