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Big Gigantic Brings us a ‘Brighter Future’

The funky duo we love is back.

One of our Shambhala 2017 hopefuls, the live electronic duo Big Gigantic continues to build on their remarkable year with the release of their sixth album, Brighter Future. The Colorado based pair has had several new releases this year, with each one having that unique Big G sound. Though most of the tracks on the LP were pre-released prior to the full album, the songs unrevealed to us were well worth the wait. Big G’s blend of electro funk and hip-hop throughout the album resonates with their traditional sound that we love.

The album features their signature electronic production and live instruments, as well as a massive lineup of collaborators including Rozes, Waka Flocka Flame, GRiZ, Pell, and more. Big Gigantic set a trend in live electronic music by bringing the funky sounds of saxophones and drums to an engaging live performance. Brighter Future seeks to bring a positive message to its listeners, and is described by the duo as one of their most personal albums to date. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken want the album to resonate with fans and help inspire a ‘brighter future.’ Dom describes his hopes and inspiration of the album title on the Big Gigantic website:

“I think now more than ever, we need to come together and work towards a Brighter Future for us, for our children and for the human race as a whole. Every single human on this earth, no matter race, skin color, religion or any other difference, bleeds the same color blood. There are so many ways to turn things around by spreading positivity, love, acceptance and understanding. Love yourself, love those around you and be kind. We need each other more than ever and we need to stick together, work together and unite with each other to bring a Brighter Future to our world today.

Much Love, Dom “

Brighter Future

Odyssey Pt. 1,” the album intro, sets the tone for the rest of the album. It also incorporates elements from previous songs, but never really resolves in to a drop. This leaves the listener to think that their may be an Odyssey Pt. 2

The Little Things” was the first single off the album, which was released in March. The song coincides with Big G’s overall message of positivity and inclusiveness that inspired the album. Angela McCluskey’s funky vocals resonates well with Big G’s signature style, but the drum line of the song incorporates future funk with a trap twist.

Miss Primetime,” “All of Me,” and “Highly Possible” showcase the duo’s r&b and rap side. The collaborations from Pell, Logic & Rozes, and Waka Flocka Flame, respectively, bring a soulful sound to Big G’s blend of future funk and live instruments.

GRiZ helped lend a hand on their track “C’mon,” and if their previous collaboration “Good Times Roll” says anything, it’s that these three make a great electronic team. “C’mon” brings the energy up a notch, making for a funky track that incorporates both Big Gigantic and GRiZs traditional sound.

Got The Love” has more future bass undertones in comparison to other tracks on the album. The big band sound brought by the horns, combined with substantive bass is a great accompaniment to Jennifer Hartswick’s soulful vocals. The other track Hartswick collaborates on, “I’ve Gotta Know,” blends the old and new styles of Big Gigantic. This track introduces the new percussive, upbeat bass that’s heard on many of the other tracks, but combines the vibrant live instruments we love.

Bring The Funk Back” follows in suit with the message of the album. It brings the classic funk sound along with the horns and trap bass line that’s incorporated into other songs throughout the album. Big G is still rooted in their signature sound, but they find several ways to modify and include new styles on Brighter Future.

The title track of the album, “Brighter Future,” featuring female vocalist Naaz, is another venture into future bass. The song captures the album’s message about living free of prejudice, as well as loving and understanding one another. It provides an upbeat funk anthem that serves as a great transition into the final track, “Long Time Coming.” The saxophone duet throughout the song ends the journey to a Brighter Future on a soft, uplifting note.

You can currently listen to the whole sound album on Soundcloud.