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Brian Eno May Change The Music Game With Bloom: Open Space An Immersive Mixed Reality Experience

Have you ever sat in a room with your headphones in and felt completely in your own world? Have you wondered what it would be like to see music, not in your own mind, but in actuality? With new and emerging mixed reality technology seeing music may actually be reality.

Renowned producer and musician Brian Eno along with musician and software designer Peter Chilvers have been working on making music visual utilizing mixed reality. The idea behind this project is to make music alive, through an immersive installation called Bloom: Open Space. Over the next two years, the installation will travel to nearly 20 different locations throughout Europe and North America.

What is Bloom: Open Space?

Audience members who visit the installation are given a set of Microsoft HoloLenses, which mixed reality glasses. They then enter a room with several large screens. On those screens are a series of bubbles that emit sound and color. With the lenses participants can tap the air around them and the bubbles on the screens will generate a unique pattern and sound based on those movements.

This is something entirely new, and for the music industry an exciting project. To visually see what music is via mixed reality, changes everything we know and understand about art and technology. Bloom pushes the boundaries to create new sounds that aren’t just interesting to the ear but interesting to the eye as well.