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Breaks-O-Ween 2016: The Funkiest Halloween Night in Vancouver

For the 3rd year running, Breaks-O-Ween returned to the Red Room for the funkiest Halloween event in Vancouver. The folks at Digital Motion and Twisted Events are no stranger to putting together a night full of bass and fresh beats, and Breaks-o-Ween was no different. With so many events going down across the PNW for Halloween weekend, the DMNW team was spread all over. Luckily, we were able to make it to Vancouver – or else we’d have ended up catching a serious case of FOMO.

We’ve mentioned countless times before how the folks at Red Room have continually managed to host great events week after week, while sharing the most positive of vibes. If you ever need a small dosage of Shambhala to get you through the long wait, we’d suggest hitting up a Saturday night for their SUBculture Saturdays. The special Halloween edition brought none other than Tyler Martens, aka Stickybuds, back to the Red Room for the 3rd year in a row. Accompanied by their in house PK Sound rig, it felt like we were right back in the Fractal Forest.

stickybuds-2-breaks-o-ween-2016-dmnw stickybuds breaks-o-ween 2016

Not to be forgotten, however, were the sounds of WBBL, the UK funkmaster making his official Vancouver debut. As well as locals Carlos Vendetta and the multitalented, always entertaining Bullet Bill. From 9pm until well past 3am the night was full of breaks, funk, drum and bass, and PLENTY of good vibes. Beyond the great music, however, and certainly not to be overshadowed were the 100’s of amazing costumes. While everyone was great in their own way we figured we’d share a few of our favorites!

We’d like to thank the team again from Red Room and Digital Motion Events for having us for another great event. With the addition of a few new Canadian team members this year, Vancouver has slowly become our second home. The scene has hints of Seattle, sprinkled with plenty of “Shambhalove,” and even more smiling faces. Breaks-o-Ween was a great combination of music, people and atmosphere that came together for a night of celebration. Be sure to keep an eye out on the official Digital Motion Facebook for more events from them in the future and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and give us a like on Facebook for the latest PNW news, events and reviews.