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Bouncers and Security in Britain Will Soon Have Training to Report ISIS

We have all been to a show where we have been searched. Though we may not fully agree if it’s necessary, it is for our own safety. This year alone there have been five attacks, and seven that have been stopped by police and MI5 in Britain. Britain hopes to train bouncers and private security guards to “prevent low-level attacks by radical Islamists who sympathize with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).”

Security guards and bouncers will not have to do the job of the police officers, but will be trained to notice red flags and report it to the right authority. Security guards already have been trained for crime prevention and dealing with disorder, but they hope counterterrorism training can be added to their training. Their training would hopefully add response to suspicious items, hostile reconnaissance, bombs, firearms and weapon attacks.

When it comes to being searched in the EDM scene, it seems that security guards focus more on drugs than weapons. Some concert/festival would prefer the other way around. Not because they want to sneak drugs in, but because with people having weapons, their safety is out of their hands and in someone else’s.

With the new training hopefully more attacks can be stopped. What do you think of the possible new training? Do you think the United States needs it?