Cybele Malinowski

Borgore’s Latest Single is More Than a Big Room Track

If you look up “most interesting dubstep artist” in the EDM dictionary, you’ll most likely see a picture of Borgore…with his tongue sticking out.

He turned heads earlier this year with the release of Adventures in Time, his first full-on jazz album, and is doing it again with a surprise return to big room. His latest track, Elefante, sees the popular Israeli DJ/producer/rapper/song-writer step out from the world of dubstep to produce the latest festival banger of Summer 18. Peel apart the layers of the track, and you’ll find there’s a special meaning hidden within.

During his travels this year, Borgore adopted an elephant named Luggard, from the Kenya-based Sheldrick Wildlife Trust– an organization fighting for the protection of elephants, rhinos, and other endangered species native to the East-African country. Why? See for yourself below:

Just by clicking the play button, you’re helping protect elephants! Cool, right?

Certainly no stranger to our region, Borgore makes his Pacific Northwest return this Fall as part of the Buygore University Tour. Invading the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon, Saturday, October 20th, the dubstep pioneer will be joined by GG Magee and Benda. Tickets are still available. Hopefully, he’ll bring his stuffed elephant, Trunks, with him!

Will you help Borgore save the elephants? Join his efforts on social media using the hashtag #SaveTheElephants!