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‘Booms & Claps Vol. 1’ Brings A Booming Compilation Of Underrated Producers

Have you ever heard an artist you thought was phenomenal but never saw or heard of them anywhere other than your own playlists? Booms & Claps Vol 1. is built off from that exact feeling. The tracklist that makes up Booms & Claps Vol 1. is sure to present you with 12 songs and 13 artists you won’t soon forget, as well as the option to download for free! Booms and Claps are a group of friends who got together and did something to actively change the dilemma of unheard or underrated producers.

Our goal was simple: to share some of our favorite producers who weren’t getting enough attention. Our first compilation shows off what we believe to be our defining sound, a combination of wonky, beautiful, and gangster. Spanning several different genres of future dance music, this compilation is sure to please bass, trap, and purple aficionados.

Booms and Claps, started in October of 2013 and based out of Portland, Oregon, have brought you a list of “dope bass artists from around the Northwest, West Coast, and the United States in general”. Unless you have recently been to a spot in Seattle that has featured one of these artists like the Monkey Loft in SoDo, chances are you have yet to hear of them. Take a listen and let us know what you think of Booms and Claps’ compilation of producers.

Download the digital album Booms & Claps Vol. 1 for free on bandcamp today!

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Booms & Claps Vol. 1

1. Perkulat0r Cosmos
2. SWAGU Niteboi
3. BOATSHumid
4. Elevated MindGuava Jelly
5. ProfresherOwl Day
6. Max Vibrationz (+verb) Helium Clouds
7. The Digital ConnectionA Path
8. Urple Eeple & MegowanTigerblood Slapper
9. YhetiN2 Deep
10. Spoken Bird & Urple EepleGallantry
11. Dalton Richmond (Wet Paint) – High End
12. GuttstarWeird Coast