Due to the recent and inexcusable injustices toward African Americans in Minneapolis and around the country, today DMNW is participating in Blackout Tuesday to stand in solidarity against these ongoing systemic issues.

As a local music community, it is our responsibility not only to come together to celebrate the good times, but to build each other up during hard times. Black artists built the foundation of dance music and so many of the other genres of music we enjoy. All black lives matter. We are the same people, artists, fans, family members, rave friends, loved ones, fellow citizens of the community and our country. Demanding the equitable treatment of our neighbors is simply the right thing to do.

We hope you will use today as we are, to reflect on the issues of freedom and equality and justice, and to strategize ways to make our community a better place. If you are looking for ways to advocate for change, The Obama Foundation has created Anguish and Action, a library of resources and links to organizations working in this arena at the local and national level. More can be found here from Variety. If you have a story to share or feedback to provide us, please email hello@dancemusicnw.com

Stay strong, stay hungry for equitable justice for all, never relent.

The DMNW Family