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Bixel Boys Put Intriguing Twist On Remix Of Le Youth’s Track “REAL”

Throughout Rob May and Ian Macpherson’s (better known as the Bixel Boys) short time together of two years, this duo has already remixed the likes of Botnek, 3LAU, The Crystal Method, TLC, and more. Constantly weaving between multiple genres and defining their own breed of house along the way, the Bixel Boys really start to show more of their talent with their latest remix of the LA based producer Le Youth‘s new track REAL.

REAL isn’t exactly a remix you might expect from the Bixel Boys, but that’s also one of the main reasons why we love this duo so much: they are constantly developing and expanding their ideas into something more. Although Le Youth’s original mix is much more mellow than Bixel Boys’ version, the Bixel Boys put their signature touch of house to arguably make this even more of a masterpiece.

Remember the time the Bixel Boys made their Seattle debut with Dada Life for their special Compound in Seattle? It was crazy to say the least! We are sure we will get another dose of Bixel Boys up in our neck of the woods by the end of 2015. Until then, you can also get your fix on Bixel Boys with Theophilus London’s Remix of Tribe.