Big Wild

Big Wild Returns to the Northwest for the Superdream Tour

Big Wild is returning the Pacific Northwest in March for his Superdream tour. Intended to promote his new album, coming out February 1st, the show is sure to showcase Big Wild’s dreamy, lighthearted vibes. Robotaki and Mild Minds also promise to keep you dancing to funky beats all night.

He’ll be at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene on March 14th, with a show in Portland at the Roseland Theatre on the 15th. This time around he’s skipping Seattle and heading straight up to the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on March 16th.

So far, Big Wild has released four new singles off of the Superdream album. City of Sound digs deep into the funk and soul sounds that are the backbone of his sound. On the other hand, Heaven is an uplifting four-on-the-floor track with just a touch of tropical house.

It seems he intends for Joypunks/Maker to be treated as a pair; both tracks sound like classic Big Wild, with laid-back beats and high-energy vocal samples. Joypunks is a bit more on the surf-rock side, while Maker slows things down so you can ride out the vibes. All four of these tracks stay true to the refreshing, laid-back vibe that’s fueled Big Wild’s career so far, but still manage to stay innovative.

We’re excited for what else is to come of Superdream, and even more excited to get to see Big Wild live in the Northwest again.

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