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Big Slide Records Drops “Recess,” Their First Album Release

Since the rebrand of the record label side of CODA to Big Slide Records, the exciting news has only continued for the Pacific Northwest group. Early last week, Big Slide Records released their first compilation Recess Vol. 1. The debut album features prominent artists such as Justin Hartinger, Dream Journal, Jamie Blake, and Wokr, plus rising talent such as Floodclub, Getafes, Pacifix, Ruely, and Troy.

This album will give you the feels, ranging from upbeat poppy melodies to lighthearted summer indie electronic. If you don’t trust our opinion, stream the album below to decide for yourself.

The top-notch artists on Big Slide Records are gaining notoriety outside our northwest scene, and once you give the album a listen we here at Dance Music Northwest are sure you’ll understand why. Past releases from the label have the same musical integrity as Recess – this label knows their aesthetic. Big Slide Records is the go to label for that cute and colorful electronic music.

The release of Recess Vol. 1 marks the beginning of a journey you’ll be sure to keep hearing about. Follow Big Slide Records on Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud to get updates on live shows and new releases.

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