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Big Slide Records Releases “Hard To Feel” and Weekly Spotify Playlist

Big Slide Records is going to be making your day to day life a bit better, with a new playlist. They recently came out with their weekly playlist, Emotional Dance Music, and it is beautiful. It will be released on Spotify every Monday, featuring a number of artists. Local artists Manatee Commune and Dream Journal were on the first list. It is a refreshing listen, with a range of talent, highlighting many artists. Check it out below.

Along with a new playlist, Big Slide Records has a new release from Kody Ryan. The track is Hard To Feel and it makes you feel all the feels. The song was a form of therapy for Kody, and he hopes the same for his listeners. It is the perfect song to change the seasons with. His vocals are easy to listen to, while the song tells you a story. It took Kody a few years to write, and it was well worth it.

What is your favorite track on this first Big Slide Records playlist? Let us know in the comments below!