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“The Big Picture” Music Industry Predictions For 2015

The new year is officially in full swing, with all of the 2014 recap lists wrapped up. Now, we are looking to what lies ahead. The music industry is a force that shows no signs of slowing, and ritholtz.com just posted their perspective on what’s next. We see a couple of big impacts in EDM land, see what you think below.

“The Concert Business Will Burgeon”

We’re seeing this already, with EDM massives getting bigger and bigger. Despite the recent issues we’ve seen with a certain venue in our beloved PNW scene, on a grander scale, EDM events are getting bigger and better every year. What does this mean for 2015? Think bigger productions than ever, with artists that will blow your mind. Speaking of…

“There Will Be A Left Field, Artistic Success”

Ok, so this one reads like a fortune cookie. However, with breakout artists like Flume and Zhu serving as a nice break from the ordinary, there is plenty of evidence that the EDM world is ready for something new. Sure, we love our house and trance, but the field is ready for a game-changer and we can’t wait to see who that is. Overall the listicle seems like a music industry Magic 8 Ball, but it will be interesting to see how the year pans out. Let us know what you think after you read the article in the comments below!