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BEATZ2MELT2: Exclusive After Hours Party Following Crazy Daylight’s Olympia Debut

In case you aren’t aware, 2CBEATZ is bringing dance music to the Olympia Ballroom this Saturday September 6th, with an after hours party to follow, entitled BEATZ2MELT2.  This night in Olympia is anticipated to be

Something Olympia has only dreamed of, a night people will be talking about for months after. I think this could be the beginning of a trend of amazing music, production, and vibes for Olympia.-Lulu

2CBEATZ, or as his friends call him Will Erikson,  has put in relentless hours getting each aspect of this night planned to perfection. There will be openers for Australian DJ and producer Crazy Daylight, like Patrick Walen and  Skyline Selector. (If you’d like to take a closer look into Crazy Daylight and see what his music is about, check out the interview he did with Dub Selekta). To compliment the various types of dance music, One Night Events has also agreed to sponsor this event by adding their own personal touch with lighting. The lighting is expected to transform the Olympia Ballroom into a better suited venue for this type of event. There will also be live painting/body painting done by Meltamorphosis Designs.

Once Crazy Daylight closes the Olympia Ballroom, 2CBEATZ will reveal the location of the anticipated after party. BEATZ2MELT2 will be an intimate lounge-like setting with surprise DJs who won’t be restricted by a sound ordinance as well as featured art on display.. Be sure to get in touch with 2CBEATZ and let us know if you’ll be attending BEATZ2MELT2!

Check out the Facebook event here to see all the DJs, vendors and contributors!