Bass Therapy Network

Bass Therapy Network Unveils Its Debut Release With Broshi’s “Anthem”

Bass Therapy Network, a brand new record label launched by the same people who bring you Bass Therapy every Friday at Stage, has released their first official track: A riddim banger from local artist Broshi.

Bass Therapy has been bringing bass music to the masses since 2017, with artists such as KJ Sawka, Decadon, Chime, Jarvis, and Squnto having graced the decks, at Stage alongside local favorites such as Adastra, Grim, Cidi, and Lampshade (and of course co-founders SoSleepyy and it me). The idea behind Bass Therapy was to create a platform for Seattle artists to grow and showcase their music. That very goal has led to the creation of Bass Therapy Network, a record label seeking to give opportunities to bass artists in Seattle and beyond to release their music on a larger scale. The first release by Broshi is called Anthem, and it’s everything we could have hoped for from the fledgling label

Broshi has brought his particular brand of trap, hardcore, and Jersey club to Bass Therapy, and the crowd has taken notice, making him a great choice for the first release on Bass Therapy Network.

Anthem is aptly titled, as this track is just that: An anthem. It begins slowly with synth loops and a catchy melody, misleadingly making you think it’ll be an uplifting track, but about 20 seconds in the drop comes and it’s pure riddim bass lines, heavy distortion, and simple lyrics.

There are no frills, and no long build-ups: Just great bass. You can hear Broshi’s dedication to bending genres, as Anthem ranges from dubstep, to riddim, to hardstyle, all in one track! This really showcases exactly what Bass Therapy is all about, and we’re beyond excited to see what comes next from the local crew.

Listen to the track for yourself and sound off in the comments what you think about it!