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Volunteer at Bass Coast for an Affordable Festival Experience!

You’ve likely seen the marketing already. This year’s Bass Coast theme is the coolest yet, with this outing themed with prisms! Everything shiny, prismatic, holographic, and anything that catches the light is the name of the game for this year. Judging from the hype behind it, it’s gonna be a bright time for everyone!

Yep, Bass Coast X is coming. After it’s humble beginnings in Squamish in 2008, the tenth anniversary of the fastest growing festival on the coast is now upon us, and it’s primed to be the most fun yet.

After the announcement of their lineup, but it’s safe to say we’re all anticipating for it to be July. One of the best things about such an underground and ahead of it’s time festival is the music. It’s often a bunch of your favourites that you haven’t heard yet! Bass Coast prides itself on being ahead of the curve musically, often booking artists that later on end up blowing up. A good example of that is the 2016 booking of Ivy Lab. It’s safe to say that they’re on everyone’s radar now!

With tickets sold out, the next question everyone is asking is: how are they gonna get in?! Well, now that the lineup is out, there’s bound to be some folks who want to get rid of their tickets in the future. But, why not guarantee your entry, and volunteer! They’re still in need of some extra awesome volunteers to round out their teams, and it’s a surefire way of getting yourself in there without having to scalp a ticket. There’s positions on many different teams, so hop on over to the Bass Coast site and check out the applications available! You can even split your volunteer deposit into two equal payments if money is an issue!

Still clamoring for more? Well, looks like our pals at Bass Coast are also teasing us with music, as mix series going live periodically. We’ve heard some bubble bath jams from Dirtybird hotshot Ardalan and an explosive mix from El Papachango, which ended up being sneak peaks of artists on the bill.

We’re just stoked to get back to Merritt. This festival has proven to be a game changer and a game winner time and again. We’re certain this year is going to be one of the best yet!

Who are we gonna see at Bass Coast this year? Let us know in the comments!