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Bass Coast Announces 11th Year Theme: DUALITY

Stillness, Motion
Past, Future
Journey, Destination
In a world of duality
Where opposite forces exist
In nature, in ourselves
Silence, Sound
In contrast, in balance
What dark is to light


These are the words that Bass Coast has given us to describe their theme for this year’s festival. Nestled deep in the mountain valley of Merritt, British Columbia, the little festival that could is soon moving to everyone’s radar. The last three years especially have given way to some of the most impressive, and well put together, festival programming we’ve ever come across.

Bass Coast Festival is an independent international exhibition of electronic music, and art. Founded in 2009 by Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson, the artist owned-and-operated event is a distinguished platform for Canadian artists, and a destination for innovative international talent.

“A DIY endeavour founded and run by women with no sponsors or corporate presence whatsoever, it’s a unique fixture in a region already known for its plethora of festivals…”  – Resident Advisor

Duality marks the 11th year that Bass Coast has been happening, from its humble beginnings in Squamish, B.C. (hence the ‘coast’ part of the name), to the monolith of festival culture, and art, that it is today.

No word yet on the lineup, but, as we know from years past, expect the best in cutting edge electronic music producers from around the globe. Come find your new favourite!

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