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Bass Coast X Drops Their 2018 Lineup To Massive Fanfare!

The lineup for the illustrious tenth anniversary of Bass Coast Festival has finally arrived. The latest they’ve ever put out their musical offerings, but trust us, it’s absolutely worth it. Fusing together the deep bass and housey elements that Bass Coast was founded on in the first place, and bringing forward so many more new and emerging artists, we are so excited to unveil this.

Bringing together names like Ardalan, Justin Martin, and Charlesthefirst, drum n bass legend DBridge, returning faves The Funk Hunters and Smalltown DJs, and not one but TWO showcases, courtesy of Innamind Recordings and Mixpak Records. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, with an absolute treasure trove of underground and unknown artists that make Bass Coast special.

Bass Coast is a place to discover your new favourites, and this lineup is chock full of them.

Make sure to check out the Bass Coast site and Facebook page for the full lineup announcement, and make sure to keep an eye because we know there’s bound to be more excitement coming soon!

Bass Coast Festival 2017

Who’s your favourite of the lineup release? Let us know in the comments!