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Bass Coast Returns For 10th Installment – Tickets On Sale October 12th

One of the most positively received festivals on the west coast reached that pinnacle festival milestone of 10 years, and we could not be more ecstatic. As the only festival ran exclusively by women, and one of the few that exists outside of corporate sponsorship, Bass Coast focuses on government grants for art and music to sustain their incredible and vivacious community. The focus of it is of course on the music, but with a secondary scope of incredible interactive art installations that add the perfect backdrop to the lush forest-scape of Merritt, BC. Plus, the incredible music they pack onto the grounds for 4 days of bliss.

Bass Coast has been on our radar for years, and over the last few, we’ve had DMNW reps out there to enjoy the festival; it’s always a good time! This is the party for the older ravers, the ones disillusioned by the hustle and bustle of massive corporate festivals and events. Instead, this festival nestles you into a mountain valley with a moderate amount of people, all there for the same reason as you, to have an amazing time in paradise. Founder Andrea Graham, aka The Librarian, weaved a tapestry of incredible moments, breathtaking art, and beautiful people (they don’t call it BabeCoast for nothing)!

They’re setting out to have the most adventurous and exciting year yet. Year 10 for a festival is always a grand affair (anyone else remember Shambhala 2007?) and the buzz is building. One of the most anticipated drops isn’t even the lineup for this one, it’s the announcement of the theme that everyone is really waiting on. One of the more unique traits of Bass Coast is that each year has a theme, and boy do patrons follow it. The creativity of Bass Coast attendees truly shines through outfits and theme camps, which really reinforces that sense of community within the festival.

Tickets go on sale 10am PST October 12th, 2017, and we’d get on them quick because with the way festivals are going lately, this could be a one day sell out. Believe us, you don’t want to miss out on this one. See you in Merritt, everyone!

Who will we see at Bass Coast X?! Let us know in the comments!