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Bass Academy Educates the Masses (Event Review)

Graduating never felt so good

We were lucky enough to get together with all of our friends and witness some truly legendary b2b sets at Bass Academy this past weekend. Though not everyone was thrilled to go to Tacoma, it was clear by the packed room that just about everyone who wanted to be there was. Say what you will about bassheads, but they do a great job of showing up for their genre of choice no matter the sub-genre or day of the week, and this was no exception.

After an easy time getting through security, our ear plugs in hand, and a warm-up from locals Just One b2b Subsonic Drops, we were ready to kick things off. Things started off a little weird (in a good way) with Truth b2b Stylust Beats. They had the whole crowd swaying and nodding to the beat, and swinging their arms like gorillas (again, in a good way).

With each passing set the bass got dirtier, and the energy got higher. By the time Antiserum and Boombox Cartel hit the decks we were ready to get moving and get dirty. The only thing that could have made that set better would have been if they had more faith in us to “put [our] fucking hands up” on our own. Come on, we know how this goes.

Habstrakt b2b Lumberjvck had our hands in the air and our feet off the floor. Every artist that played did a great job of not only building their own set, but building off the set before theirs. Etc! Etc! b2b Lookas and Skism b2b Must Die! had us raging too hard to keep track of details anymore, but trust that 150,000 watts of PK Sound was complementing the music just right.

When Adventure Club came on they were so filthy that half of our group didn’t even realize it was them. They dropped Bring Me The Horizon’s Can You Feel My Heart and every former hardcore kid in the room just lost it. Then they took it down a half notch to play some of their hits like Gold and Crave You, and you won’t hear a complaint about that here.

All in all it was a great mix of new music and classic bass tracks. We heard Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites twice, three different drops of Zomboy’s Terror Squad, and two different drops of I Can’t Stop. But those are the jams, so how could we be mad? All in all, we had an amazing night that still has our necks sore and we can’t wait for next year’s edition of Bass Academy. Happy graduation, everyone!

Who were your favorite b2b professors?