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Bandit Drops ‘Jingle Bling,’ A Hilarious (and Pretty Awesome) Holiday Remix

Barbershop quartet, toy piano, and trap drums? Yup.

It’s 1:15am on a Saturday, and you’re in the club. Your DJ set has been going great, there’s a dusting of snow outside on the ground, and Christmas is only a week away. You really wanna show off your swag and hit the turbo button on this set, but how? Two words: Jingle. Bling.

It’s no secret the DMNW crew are Bandit fans. We’ve been pumping their music since the beginning (remember Cerulean?), and they’re the classic dance music success story. Nightlife veterans decide to start producing music, team up, and now they’re headlining their own shows. We love that shit, and Brandon & Jono are two of the nicest, most humble people you can meet.

So when they said “Do you guys want to hear our holiday remix?” of course we said yes. “[It] was a joke when we started it tbh. I just know every winter I’m looking for cool holiday remixes so we were doing it as a fun project.”

Jingle Bling is wicked fun for all the right reasons. It’s deep, silly, unkempt, uber-trappy, and right when you think you’ve got the idea—around the 1:45 mark—Bandit blasts you in the head with one last drop that solidifies the track’s (jingle) balls.

There’s nothing ornamental about this cut. You’re probably gonna hear Jingle Bling around Foundation and other nightclubs in the area this Winter, especially in Bandit sets. So be ready, you’ll laugh and then go…”Whoa.”