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The Bass-ics of Bamboo Bass 2018: 7 Tips for Returning to Jaco, PR

Other Things to Remember

It goes without saying that when you’re in a different country, you should familiarize yourself with the local culture and the basics on getting by. Here a few more pointers to remember, then we’ll leave the rest up to you. Half the fun is figuring it out by yourself!

  • Smoking is illegal in most places of the country and many places do not have smoking areas, so be aware of where you are before you choose to light one up. There’s no smoking in any public buildings, educational, recreational, or governmental facilities. That also means there is no smoking on site at Bamboo Bass, something that the festival takes very seriously. Not only is it a major faux pas, but it can put the entire festival at risk. Don’t worry, there will be a smoking area provided at the entry grounds to the festival, just please, please dispose of your butts in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Costa Rica is a safe country, but just like everywhere else in the world there are people that ruin the fun. Avoid any negative impacts on your trip by always showing respect (because why wouldn’t you?), keeping your valuables locked up or out of sight, and discourage any would be troublemakers by sticking together with amigos, particularly at night.
  • Free drinking water IS available on the festival grounds, so make sure you bring a reusable bottle or buy one there while you’re enjoying the bass! It gets hot in Costa Rica, so be sure to drink plenty of (non alcoholic) fluids, and ensure others do the same! We all know how shitty dehydration is.
  • If you plan to take a taxi at any time during your trip, always flag down a red/burgundy colored cab, as they have proper meters and will get you where you need to go safely. Beware of pirate taxis, also known as piratas, who you can easily spot, but without the same yellow emblem that legitimate cabs have on their doors.
  • As guests in another country, treat the land, the people, and the laws with the same respect you’d expect in your home. The people of Costa Rica are very friendly and extremely polite, so give that right back and you’ll have no problem making friends!
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN! You’re going to be living in paradise for at least a weekend, so get out and enjoy everything that Jaco has to offer! Before you know it, you’ll be on your way home to the cruel mistress that is a winter on the west coast.

You still reading this? See ya on the beach!

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