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The Bass-ics of Bamboo Bass 2018: 7 Tips for Returning to Jaco, PR

What To Do in Jaco

We may be going down for the bass, but trust us when we say there are plenty of ways to kill the downtime. From dozens of delicious dining options to outdoor activities galore, Jaco boasts a wide arrange of things to do that will cater to everyone’s tastes. The seemingly endless stretch of beach offers some of the best waves in the pacific to learn how to surf, not to mention some of the most breathtaking sunsets we’ve ever witnessed. Never stepped foot on a board? No worries, lessons and rentals are around literally every corner.

For those wanting to explore the countryside a bit more, you’re in luck because Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth! It covers just 0.1% of the earth’s landmass, yet accounts for 5% of the planets biodiversity. Active volcanoes, massive waterfalls, thick jungles, plentiful plants, and unique animal life  are just some of the reasons why the country is a leader of ecotourism.

Dozens if not hundreds of tours exist that can be catered to your liking. Want to ATV through the jungle before hiking up an active volcano? You’ll pass plenty of options with a quick stroll though town. Wildlife can be spotted here and there around Jaco, but once again, tours are affordable and easily accessible. For anyone wanting to get a bit closer to the action, lizard and crocodile sanctuaries are a short drive out of town. If you’re lucky enough (or unlucky, depending how you see it), you’ll see some crocs chilling by the river, just hopefully not in the middle of the night like we did.

The dining options in Jaco are plentiful and range from cheap eats to five star dining with tons of options in between. The south end of town has a very affordable 24 hour restaurant named Marea Alta that serves authentic Costa Rican cuisine, along with hearty breakfasts. There are even some things you may be more used to from home if you aren’t feeling adventurous.

Other options include open concept grills that line the streets and will draw many people in with the sound alone. There’s also more familiar choices like fast food stir fry, Subway, burgers, and obviously, taco joints everywhere. Looking to cut some costs? The markets provide everything you’d need to make a delicious meal yourself, provided you have access to a kitchen.

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