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The Bass-ics of Bamboo Bass 2018: 7 Tips for Returning to Jaco, PR


Located between 8 and 12 degrees from the equator, it should come as no surprise that the temperature in Costa Rica is what most of us would consider hot. . .okay, very hot, year round. As with all countries this close to the equator, their seasons are based off the amount of precipitation during certain times of the year, mainly wet and dry seasons.

February is smack dab in the middle of the dry season, known as ‘summer’ in Costa Rica, meaning we can expect a little less humidity, but generally higher air temps which hover around 35°C (95°F). It took about 90 minutes to get the worst burn of our lives last year, so stay hydrated like our friend PABLO and have some form of protection from the sun; sunscreen, a shade structure, or spending all day sitting in front of the AC in your bedroom.

Yeah we reused this photo. It’s freaking hilarious.