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Axtone Releases New Disco Big Room Single From Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka

Axtone Records and Axwell got their hands on something truly special. Arms Around Me is EDM‘s newest big room house track and we welcome it with open arms. Speeding away in a Ferrari at 150mph in a completely different direction than the average clanks and clunks of big room house, Russian duo Hard Rock Sofa and Skidka unleash disco fury. Arms Around Me might just be the big room track that finally pushes the sub genre around that repetitive curve and it’ll certainly be exciting to hear music from both Hard Rock Sofa and Skidka in the near future. Check out massive single below and leave your thoughts!

If that (Arms Around Me) connects, which it will, that could definitely usher in a more groove orientated era -Danny Howard

hard rock sofa skidka arms around me axtone records

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