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How No Vacancy Honored Avicii and Raised Awareness

The loss of Avicii was felt throughout the EDM community. He passed away a few weeks ago, and while many of us are still trying to grasp what all happened, many people in the community have put out a helping hand. No Vacancy a new club in Portland held a Avicii Tribute Night, and all donations went to Central City Concern, a non-profit agency which helps individuals and families in the Portland metro area that are impacted by homelessness, poverty and addictions.

We attended this night to help where we could, and to see people coming together in support was beautiful. No Vacancy is a newer bar in the Portland area, but has already made big moves. These were our favorite parts of the night.

  • It continued the conversation about suicide and what people can do to help prevent more suicides from happening.
  • It didn’t shut anyone out from the music. The night was donation-based, which allowed anyone to be able to attend. This was a wonderful time to let everyone experience EDM in a welcoming environment.
  • It brought the community together. With DJs from Portland and Seattle, the community came together to show their respect, dance and support an important cause. Now more than ever we have to come together and be there for each other, and this night did that.
  • It raised over $1,100 for Central City Concern! From donations alone, No Vacancy and all who attended were able to raise over $1,100.

Avicii’s passing affected a lot of people, but hopefully we can come together. Nights like these show that many people have their head and heart in the right place. Though we may not always know what is going on with someone, we can still offer a helping hand.