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Come Together: Autograf Offers Support to Paris & Beirut

In the wake of tragedy, we see just how strong of a community we can be as citizens of the world and as human beings. In response to heartbreaking events, some act alone, some stand together as a community, and some do a little bit of both — like Autograf.

The trio has made clear acetate stencils which show support for France and Lebanon available in their online store. The stencils cost $10, but Autograf will match that and donate a total of $20 to relief funds including Mercy Corps, The Red Cross, and Doctors Without Borders.

Autograf Stencils for Peace

There is also a link where you can download, print, and cut your own stencils to show your support. If you prefer, there are links to donate to each individual relief fund directly as well. It’s nice to see some light among all this darkness.

We as the dance music community have an opportunity to come together and show our support for all those affected by tragedy recently, and that goes beyond just Lebanon and France. Remember: It’s not about stencils, it’s not about a profile picture filter, it’s about helping people and showing the world that we are a resilient, caring, compassionate community.

Let’s show the world what PLURR’s really about, shall we?