Photo via Autograf's Facebook page

Autograf + Goldroom Dazzle Us with a Memorable Live Tour [Reviewed]

It’s been a busy year for the live electronic groups Autograf and Goldroom. Autograf brought us an upbeat time that spanned multiple genres during their Shambhala set this year. The Chicago trio has also had a slew of new releases in 2016 (even while on tour), such as their EP Future Soup. Autograf’s unique live performances made us enthusiastic for what their tour with Goldroom would bring.

When we arrived, Autograf was in the process of setting up. If you have never been to the Neptune, you should definitely take the time to see a show there. It’s a small, intimate venue, and has a traditional theater style. You enter the theater and walk down a ramp to an open floor space with beautiful, underwater and mermaid themed stained glass. We were in awe of the scenery as we waited to get a drink and for Autograf to begin.

We quickly finished our drinks so we could leave the bar area to the dance floor. The venue was very spacious, allowing us to easily walk up to the front, so that we were directly in the ambiance of Mikul Wing and his midi set up. The trio opened up the set with one of our favorite tracks, Don’t Worry. The stage was lit up with flashing drumstick looking props. It was simple, but very vibrant, and accompanied the music and group’s stage presence well. Positive vibes were surging through the crowd, and we knew the rest of the performance was going to be stellar.

Being up close for the entire performance was truly a blast. It was fun watching the trio be thoroughly enthralled in the music and the energy. We could see Louis Kha from across the stage theatrically dancing as he was jamming on piano keys and turning DJ knobs. Even Jake Carpenter was headbanging while encompassing the percussion and marimba beats. Along with Don’t Worry, Autograf played their remix of the classic song Superstition, and Christina Perri’s Burning Gold. They also performed songs off of their newest EP Future Soup, including Heartbeat and Slow Burn. Autograf’s captivating energy kept the crowd going up until their last song, Dream.

After their set concluded, the trio took the time to engage in the crowd, giving out several “autografed” posters and took a group picture (we were lucky enough to get a signed Future Soup poster from Jake, which we have hanging up now). Can you spot our DMNW crew behind Mikul?

Photo via Autograf’s Facebook

Following Autograf, Goldroom began setting up their live instruments. The crowd was abuzz after the set, and we couldn’t wait to see what Goldroom had for us next. The dance floor remained spacious almost the entire night, and it was a perfect crowd. Overall polite and friendly, you could tell everyone was truly there for the music.

After about 15 minutes of setting up, Goldroom took the stage. Goldroom started as a solo act for Josh Legg, but later believed the importance of deconstructing and and performing the music live. This later got him to find vocalist Mereki Beach and other musicians to bring the songs to life. Goldroom has also had quite a few new releases this year, including their EP It’s Like You Never Went Away. Since then, the live group has produced several new singles to SoundCloud as well, which we heard several of throughout the night.

The group’s smooth vocals by Mereki Beach and Josh Legg, along with their blend of live instruments encompasses electronic, upbeat vibes. Powerful live vocals resonated during our favorite songs such as Embrace, Silhouette, and Fifteen. Each of the band members had an electric persona that was captured by the audience. The crowd was loving the disco-pop sound and it clearly showed in our dance moves.

Seattle was the last stop of Autograf and Goldroom’s tour. We could definitely tell how special of a night it was for both groups, and it was also apparent in the atmosphere. Each group had a completely different element to their production, which made for two truly unique live sets. The evening was full of talent and charisma, and we can’t eagerly await for the next time Autograf and Goldroom will be in the northwest.

Were you at the Portland, Vancouver, or Seattle stop of the tour? Describe your experience and favorite memories in the comments below!