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Darude is Bringing Trancegiving To The Baltic Room

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and so is Drip’s One Year Anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, The Baltic Room is bringing back the ever-impressive Darude. Whether you’re having Friendsgiving, a traditional family holiday, or not doing much at all, come finish out the night with

Bumbershoot 2017 Early Bird Passes On Sale Now!

Ready or not, here it comes! Bumbershoot 2017 dates have been announced and early bird passes are now on sale at Bumbershoot’s website. Get em’ while they’re hot (and pretty reasonably priced for a three-day festival!) It all goes down Friday through Sunday of Labor

Bumbershoot: Strengths & Struggles of 2016

We know, internet. We’ve listened to your pleas, and we know that Bumbershoot 2016 wasn’t a perfect event. But for these Seattle adventurers, there were few sacrifices that had to be made, and plenty of good to balance out the bad. When we needed good food,

Seattle’s Dirtybird BBQ Brought the Heat [Review]

We’ve been waiting all summer for this year’s Dirtybird BBQ to come around, and now that it’s passed, we’re right back to counting down til next time. This year’s venue was a huge upgrade over last year’s, taking place at the Broad Street Garden at Seattle Center. There

Dirtybird BBQ 2016: All You Need to Know!

For those who attended last year’s Dirtybird BBQ, you know that it was one of the best local events of the Summer. It was Upper Left’s first major event, and after the sweltering heat of Paradiso it managed to be in many ways a chill day.

Bumbershoot Sweetens the Deal with a Silent Disco

Labor Day Weekend is creeping up quickly, and with it brings Bumbershoot! If you attended last year you know just how fun and interesting the silent disco was. If you didn’t, then you have a chance for redemption this year, because USC Events is bringing

‘Must Be The Feeling’ of NERO in Seattle

The best Thursday you've ever had, this September 1

With Bumbershoot and Rifflandia on the horizon, we have plenty to look forward to this September. We can now add one more thing to our list of things to be excited about as summer comes to a close: USC Events is bringing Nero through Foundation Nightclub on September

Bumbershoot Lineup Doubles Down on Dance Music in 2016

We can't wait 'til Labor Day weekend!

We’ve been patiently waiting for all the festival season lineups to be released for quite some time now. We can now stop waiting for both Paradiso Festival and Bumbershoot, with both featuring eclectic lineups aiming to please! We attended the Bumbershoot lineup announcement party at

Science Says: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

Brains are so cool

We love it when science tells us more about our relationship with music. We were especially excited when it told us with hard evidence that dancing is good for us. This next piece of information may not be a question that plagues your everyday existence,

Want Beer to Taste Better? Just Add Music!

It’s not like there was any doubt, but new research shows that music actually makes beer taste better! This is the biggest piece of news since finding proof that dancing is good for you. (Not that that was much of a shock either.) It may have

FVDED in the Park & More After Dark (Review)

10/10 would FVDED again

We loaded up the cars, piled in our friends, and set our sights on Canada for the weekend. This wasn’t our first time at FVDED in the Park, but it’s safe to say that somehow this year found a way to top the last. It doesn’t

Your Guide to the 2016 FVDED After-Parties

Last year, we took our first adventure to Blueprint Events’ FVDED in the Park and had an absolute rockin’ time. Part of what made the weekend so special was seeing artists from the festival perform at local clubs after the show, all the way into

GoFundSafety: ANKORS Harm Reduction Tent Needs Our Help

All you have to do is take one glance at our site to notice that we’re big fans of two things here: harm reduction and Shambhala Music Festival (and particularly those two things together). Since 2002 ANKORS (AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society) has been

New Features at EDC Las Vegas Headliners Will Love

Pasquale Rotella and his team of Insomniacs have told us to prepare ourselves for all that’s in store at EDC Las Vegas this year. With flights booked, hotel rooms reserved, outfits picked out, and kandi made, it’s hard to believe that this is the week

Mune: The Future of Live MIDI Controllers

We’ve all heard the scoffs of other generations and genre fandoms who look down on electronic music because “Oh, producers and DJs aren’t musicians.” These people need to meet the Mune. It’s an electronic interface with a strap so the user can wear it, like a

Doing The Math: EDC Las Vegas By the Numbers

This June, while some of us will be living vicariously through the EDC Las Vegas live stream and finishing our Paradiso prep, others will be enjoying things firsthand. No matter how involved you’ll be in Electric Daisy Carnival this year, maybe these numbers gathered by Rukkus will convince

Dear ‘Some Guy’: We Deserve Respect

We’ve been over the debate about what genre brings better crowds, and decided that frankly, it’s up to the individual. You can blame genres all you want for what kind of crowd experience you have, but the only people to blame are the people who make

2016 EDCLV Lineup & Stages are Incendiary

We warned you, but did you catch the EDCLV 2016 lineup reveal on Night Owl Radio on Friday? We tuned in, and thanks to our own investigation as well as some help from Reddit user blondie232, we’ve got most of the lineup figured out! Pasquale announced

Kesha Proves ‘She Has No Master’ With MDBP Booking

Following the release of True Colors with Zedd, Kesha has had a busy and impressive few weeks. She had a cameo on ABC’s Nashville last Wednesday, where she played herself and interacted with Hayden Panettiere’s character at a red carpet event. Having grown up in Nashville in

Beatport Shuts Down All But the Store

Back in February when SFX Entertainment filed for bankruptcy, Beatport swore to us that things were “business as usual” for them. As much as we’d hoped that were true, they’ve clearly been busy planning to shut down every part of their company except for their original

Bliss: An Evening of Trance & Unity

This past weekend, Seattle’s WaMu theater played host to trance lovers and the trance curious alike, where people from all over the PNW and beyond assembled for an unprecedented event. We met trance lovers from Hawaii, California, Alaska, Oregon, B.C. and more. True fans of the

Sunday Mass Gets a New Spin at Foundation

Meet us for Sinners & Saints on May 15!

Sundays are a day for brunch with friends, relaxing with mimosas, and stumbling back home for a nap. That’s all still true, but soon you’ll have somewhere to be after your disco nap. Foundation Nightclub in Seattle will begin catering to sinners and saints alike for a

Zedd Helps Show the World Kesha’s ‘True Colors’

Now this is what the dance music community is all about

Whether you stand behind Kesha in her legal battle with Dr. Luke or you couldn’t care less, April 29th marked an important victory for the singer. Zedd released an edit of his song True Colors featuring vocals by Kesha, and a few minor tweaks to

FOMO Cure: Watch Coachella’s 360 Degree Live Stream Here

Does the announcement of Paradiso’s 2016 lineup have you missing festival life something fierce? Nothing is the same as being there, but for the first time ever Coachella will be presenting its live stream in 360 degrees. Catch Washington-grown Robert DeLong, along with Sufjan Stevens, CHVRCHES,

Atmosphere Gathering: An Intimate BC Experience

If you’re on Vancouver Island, or in the market to travel for a festival experience, you may want to look into Atmosphere Gathering. On August 19-21 in Cumberland, BC, be one of 1,500 lucky people to experience this intimate gathering of music, art, and workshops.

Bass Academy Educates the Masses (Event Review)

Graduating never felt so good

We were lucky enough to get together with all of our friends and witness some truly legendary b2b sets at Bass Academy this past weekend. Though not everyone was thrilled to go to Tacoma, it was clear by the packed room that just about everyone who wanted

Soundcloud Announces Paid Tier & The Free Trial Frenzy Begins

Is it enough to make you dump your current service?

We knew that a paid tier of Soundcloud wasn’t far off, and now our suspicions have been confirmed. Now that Soundcloud has deals with all three major labels, it’s time to announce that paid tier of Soundcloud that we all saw coming. But why would you

Lucky 2016 Made Us Feel Our Luckiest Yet!

Every year between New Years Eve and the official start of summer festival season, the Seattle area gets treated to a special event to tide us over: Lucky. We all get out our best green and gold attire, act as Irish as we feel like,

Closing the Gender Gap in EDM: Is it Possible?

How do we even begin?

The journey for women’s equality has been long, and it’s not over yet. Now more than ever it’s acceptable and applauded to identify as a feminist and to do one’s own part to fight for equality. At the end of last year, THUMP led a

Bass Academy Drops Mind-Blowing Lineup

Featuring Adventure Club and every B2B you've ever dreamed of

Have you been in the school of bass for years, or are you a new student? Either way, school is in session Saturday April 9 at the Tacoma Dome with a lineup sure to educate. USC Events pulled out all the stops for this year’s

Would Samsung’s Potential Acquisition Make Tidal Relevant?

That is, if it's capable of being relevant

Recently we’ve seen a lot of different reports as to what the future holds for Tidal. We’ve heard that Samsung, Google, and Spotify have all expressed interest in the company, but it seems that Samsung is the most serious of all the contenders. Here’s the

Get Ready: The Official DMNW 6-Point Lucky Festival Checklist

Everything you need to know and bring to have a great time

It seems like only yesterday that Lucky 2016 was announced, yet here it is, sneaking up on us! Since we’re in the final stretch, it’s time to make sure you have everything you need to make sure that you have the best and safest time. So