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Bandcamp to Donate All Proceeds to ACLU TODAY!

Thinking about buying some new music? TODAY IS THE DAY. Because Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their sales today to ACLU! Yup, you read that correctly. In response to last weekend’s White House immigration order, Bandcamp has taken on the role of philanthropist, and plans to

Bass Coast Tickets Are Moving at a Record Pace

We all knew this was going to happen. When tickets for Shambhala 2017 sold out in less than 24 hours, the PNW dance community was left with a sense of uncertainty hanging over their heads. You know the kind. We’ve all felt it. That anxious

DMNW’s Must-See Performances of Rifflandia 2016

With Rifflandia taking place this weekend, it’s that time of the year to figure out when and where you’re going to be during the 9th edition of Victoria’s premier music festival! Showcasing the talents of over 120 artists, Rifflandia presents attendees with plenty of options to

The DMNW Guide to Atmosphere Gathering

Everything you need and more before you head out to the Comox Valley

The bulk of the festival season may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away the camping supplies just yet. Atmosphere Gathering is just around the corner and DMNW couldn’t be more excited to wind down post – Shambhala among friends in

Schedule Your Shambhala With ShambhaTimes

Now FOMO Free!

Shamb fam! The 19th edition of Shambhala is quickly approaching, and we’re thiiiiis much closer to throwing down at our favorite place in the world. The lights, the sounds, the people; it’s all right around the corner! But while everybody attends Shambhala for their own reasons,

Wind Down Your Summer With Rifflandia in Victoria

Over 100 artists. 14 venues. 1 wristband.

It’s here! We finally made it. The festival season is under way and 2016 is shaping up to be the busiest one yet for the staff at DMNW. South of the border, we recently invaded EDC & Paradiso and there’s still plenty more to come

Apple Music Offers Students 50% Off

The life of a student can be a tricky one; long days, sleepless nights, and a constant negative balance on your bank statement can definitely take its toll on the psyche. Being broke sucks, and when you’re faced with mac & cheese and tuna casserole for

Summer Skankin’ at The Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival

You know what they say… another day, another festival lineup! Today, DMNW is heading back to Vancouver Island, just off mainland BC, where we’ve previously featured two other options for your summertime shenanigans; Tall Tree Music Festival outside of Port Renfrew, and Atmosphere Gathering in

Don’t Miss Out on the Best LWSD Show to Date

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… LWSD is good at what he does. This last Friday in Victoria started off like any other. A nice sunny day surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and countless seagulls attempting to use you as target practice.

Longwalkshortdock Invades Victoria This Friday!

What do you get when you combine video games, dance music, and the microprocessor that was implanted into the head of model No. D4V3-K1N6? You get Longwalkshortdock. After rocking NYE in Vancouver, the wizard of the West Coast is making his annual trip to Victoria this

Tall Tree 2016: The Best Lineup to Date!

‘Tis the season for dropping lineups, and with Shambhala and Pemberton having given us a taste of what’s to come this summer, now is the time to focus on the more intimate festivals throughout the PNW. With announcements of both Motion Notion and Rifflandia set

Keys N Krates: Award Winning Trap From Toronto

Keys N Krates can now add the title of “Award Winning” to their resume! Fresh off their Midnite Mass Tour, the Toronto based trap trio took home an award this past weekend at the Juno’s – better known as the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy’s.

Remembering Pumpkin: Reflecting Back On Love

Life is precious. This is something most of us in the scene have come to realize. Whether we come to that realization through love, laughter, freedom, music, or dance we know all too well how quickly life can change. We in the dance community are

DMNW’s All Time Favorite Jungle Anthems

It’s time for a celebration! At least…for the junglists of the PNW that is. One of the baddest of badman riddims turned 24 years old earlier this week, and for those of us who like our BPM’s on the faster side of the spectrum, it