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Some Minds: Flume’s Love Letter To Sydney

This week 23-year-old Australian producer Flume put out a brand new music video featuring the vocals from Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow.  It’s one of his first original releases since his 2012 self-titled debut album.  “Working with Andrew Wyatt was one of the most natural collabs

Billboard Launches New Dance Music Channel

Billboard has long been a go-to source for tracking the most popular songs and albums on a weekly basis.  Now, the online site has something new to add.  Earlier this week, Billboard announced their newest platform — a new “digital channel encompassing innovative coverage of

Instagram Launches New @music Account

Instagram launched a new account dedicated to exploring music around the globe and connecting artists to the fan community.  Each week, the @music handle will explore different sides of artists you know and love while also introducing you to new up-and-coming talents from around the

Thomas Jack Lands His First Record Deal And Radio Show

Tropical house fans rejoice!  Thomas Jack has signed his first record deal with Parlophone Records.  He’s pretty stoked about it and so are we, because it means we’re one step closer to making tropical house an official sub-genre of music (well, that and the trademark he has filed

5 Questions With Slander, A Lucky Favorite

In just a short time, Slander has climbed up the DJ charts with an impressive resume.  If you don’t know the Los Angeles-based duo yet, you will soon.  They met through their fraternity at University of California Irvine and joined forces (literally, as in the case of their

Return of the Mack: Who Remixed It Best?

The one hit wonder you completely forgot about, Return of the Mack, is back again.  Written and recorded by Mark Morrison, the song was a pop sensation in 1997, nearly soaring to the top of the Billboard Top 100, only to be outranked by Hason’s MMMBop.  The track was covered in 2011 by

STYLSS Loves You And Why We Love STYLSS Back

STYLSS loves you.  So stop taking your life so seriously.  If you want to find the Portland-based organization on Facebook, that’s where you’ll find them.  No, really.  Go to and while you’re there, check out the link to their new compilation STYLSS Loves You – Volume One, which

Bringing Back the Warehouse Party With Bacon

Remember how in the 90’s you got a flyer for a warehouse party and then had to call a hotline to find out the exact location?  Remember how people were free to express themselves in costumes and in love, where everyone was family, and the

NPR Selects Thievery Corporation To Play Live On Air

Back in 2012, NPR’s All Things Considered brought in a live band to fill in the bumper music between their segments.  Bumper music is all the music you hear while listening to radio, and serves to create the mood and enhance the story. Monika Evstatieva,

Air+Style: Pray For Snow…And EDM!

Earlier this week, Olympian Shaun White announced the initial lineup for the first U.S. Air + Style which will be held at the Rosebowl Stadium in Pasadena, California from February 21-22.  New this year, there will be live music sets at the culmination of each day

Aloe Blacc Questions Streaming Services’ Payout Policy

Earlier this summer, Dance Music Northwest examined the issues that Spotify faces in turning a profit and the proposed changes in the Songwriter Equity Act of 2014 (H.R. 4079).  The proposed bill seeks to amend federal copyright law and adapt the royalties system for a more equitable marketplace.  While our

The Next Kandi Kids: NYC Club Hosts EDM Party For Children

This past Sunday CirKiz hosted a Halloween party at a popular club in New York City for kids age 6-12.  This wasn’t just any Halloween party, however.  The afternoon party was a chance for kids to groove to electronic dance music. This includes strobe lights, a Glow Station

Cirez D Previews New Track “Ruby”

There’s no stopping Eric Prydz.  The Swedish producer and DJ (who also goes by the pseudonyms Cirez D and Pryda) just played an incredible show with 4d hologram visuals at Madison Square Garden. He also signed a residency at the new LiFE Nightclub in Las

Foundation Nightclub To Celebrate Its Two-Year Anniversary

Foundation Nightclub will celebrate its two year anniversary on October 11th.  In addition to being ranked as a Top 100 club by DJ Mag, Foundation has also brought in some incredible talent over the last two years.  The Crystal Method, Markus Schulz, Madeon, Benny Benassi, Audien, Cash Cash, and Michael

Calvin Harris Hits 1 Billion Plays on Spotify

After recently topping the Forbes List of Highest Paid DJs for the second year in a row, Calvin Harris has even more to celebrate.  The 30 year-old DJ recently hit more than 1 billion plays on Spotify, making him the first British solo artist to receive the

Portland to Host PLUR Warriors Kandi Picnic

On Saturday, September 13th, ambassadors from cities across the United States will be hosting PLUR Warriors Kandi Picnics. While some cities have been hosting picnics since March 2014, it will be the first such event for Portland. The picnics provide an opportunity for people of all ages to

Disney To Take On deadmau5 In Court (UPDATED)

The legal battle between Disney and Deadmau5 has officially begun.  Apparently, the Walt Disney Company filed a 171-page ‘Notice of Opposition’ of trademark registration against Ronica Holdings, the corporate identity responsible Deadmau5’s logo.  Back in March 2014, Disney set up a complaint, but it was not formalized.

Flume Wants Out of the EDM Scene

Twenty-two year old Australian producer Harley Streten, better known as Flume, recently revealed in an interview that he wants out of the EDM scene. I try to keep out of the EDM world, I try to keep Flume far from the EDM world.  Commercial EDM, the crowd

TyDi Brings Variety With New Album ReDefined

Australian producer, songwriter and DJ Tyson Illingworth, better know as tyDi, is set to release his next album ReDefined on September 30th. TyDi has often been quoted about demanding more originality in the electronic dance music scene.  The twenty tracks on his new album do just